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Marketers are producing the wrong content.

There is some confusion in the industry at the moment. Marketers all around are producing content strategies that are not anywhere never as effective as they should be.

There has been an explosion of content that doesn’t seem to be slowing down only evolving. Most business are not seeing the results they want and there are 3 main reasons for this.

1. Quantities; some Marketers believe to see effective growth you need to be posting regularly. This is not true. You should never post just for the sake of posting. You need to stick with quality content . This is the content that will be most engaging and your feed will not be clogged up with loads of rubbish. Focus on the quality over the quantities and believe us you will see real growth.

2. The wrong content. I’ve seen many companies try and fail with their content strategies. Your content needs to be in line with your image otherwise is can be drastic. I’ve seen it with cloth brand posting viral funny videos. Yes they get shared, of course they will, but that is not why your customers followed you for. You need to focus on string content that fits your image and brand.

3. Other people’s content. The saying goes if you are not first you’re last. I see a lot of pages sharing other people’s content that has performed well in their pages. Yes it’s good content of course, but it is doing nothing for your brand or sales. All is it is doing is directing people away from you to them. It is giving them more brand awareness, presence and conversions.

You should be aiming to get the content that people share on their pages not the other way around.

If you follow these 3 principles you will see real growth and also be more widely recognised in the field you are in. Don’t get me wrong content curating can work wonders. But content creation is where the real growth comes from.

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