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Case Study: Elevating Brand Awareness and Social Media Engagement for Kemp Recruitment in Bournemouth



Kemp Recruitment Ltd, renowned as Commercial Vehicle Recruitment Specialists, provides a dedicated and proficient service nationwide within the commercial vehicle sector. With a deep-rooted comprehension of the industry, Kemp Recruitment Ltd delivers an effective and tailored service to clients and candidates, leveraging their extensive expertise in the commercial vehicle field

Client's Objective and Initial Challenge

Mark approached us at Kemp Recruitment with a clear objective: to leverage social media effectively, particularly through Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The challenge was evident - the commercial vehicle recruitment industry often struggled to gain traction in the social media landscape in Bournemouth. Overcoming this required innovative and compelling content strategies tailored to captivate and resonate with the audience in the local market.


Strategising for Success

To address this challenge, a comprehensive content and social media marketing strategy was crafted, focusing on diverse content types - engaging infographics, motivational pieces, sales tactics, job postings, and captivating photography and video content showcasing the commercial vehicle sector. Our aim was to create shareable, educational content offering insights into industry trends and career guidance specific to the commercial vehicle industry.


The Ask:


Mark from Kemp Recruitment sought the services of a Bournemouth-based social media agency to enhance their company's social media marketing, focusing particularly on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn marketing strategies.


Client's Reservations:


Acknowledging the challenge of making recruitment in the commercial vehicle industry appealing, we aimed to overcome these obstacles by focusing on innovative and compelling content.




We executed an organic reach campaign and full end-to-end management of accounts leveraging various social media platforms.

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Content Creation Strategy

  • Graphic-based Content: Engaging infographics, motivational pieces, sales tactics, and job postings tailored to the industry.

  • Photography: High-quality images showcasing the commercial vehicle field.

  • Viral Video Content: Focused on creating attention-grabbing and shareable video content

Content Creation Strategy

  • Social Media Management Overview

    • Leveraged expertise in the commercial vehicle industry to maintain an active presence on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, engaging audiences and boosting brand visibility.

    • Oversaw Kemp Recruitment's social platforms, ensuring a steady flow of compelling content.

  • Content Strategy Highlights

    • Curated content covered industry insights, captivating graphics, industry trends, career guidance, job opportunities, and unique insights into the commercial vehicle sector.

    • Emphasised shareable, valuable posts aimed at educating and engaging the audience.

  • Engagement and Amplification

    • Prioritised interactive engagement with prompt responses to comments and messages, fostering a trusted community.

    • Strategically shared content across industry networks, groups, and forums, amplifying its impact and reach.

  • Performance Analysis and Refinement

    • Regularly monitored key metrics, gaining valuable insights for refining the content strategy.

    • Ensured enhanced audience engagement and resonance through strategic adjustments based on insights.

  • Strategic Call to Actions (CTAs)

    • Incorporated purposeful prompts in every content piece, encouraging users to engage with polls, share content, or visit Kemp Recruitment's website.

    • Aimed at driving meaningful interactions and conversions effectively.

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Platforms Used

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn


  • Organic page likes surged by 300 to 2560 within six months.

  • Achieved an average monthly organic reach of 50,000.

  • Consistently obtained positive outcomes.

  • Established as a clear leader in their field



Sales & Recruitment Campaigns

  • Deployment of recruitment and sales-style video clips resulted in an impressive reach of over 5 million.

  • Attracted top talent by sharing pertinent commercial vehicle information.

Content Strategy Effectiveness:


Employed a 4:1 strategy—four posts offered relevant, engaging, and shareable content, while one post was focused on sales.


Call to Action (CTA):


Are you looking to enhance your brand's social media presence and engagement? Contact Kemp Recruitment for tailored solutions that drive results!

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"Big Influence Media has helped Kemp Commercial Vehicle Recruitment with our facebook campaign over the last couple of years. They have really taken time to understand what we are trying to achieve and helped us achieve it.

I would highly recommend."

Marc Kemp | Kemp Recruitment | Director & Founder

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