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Transforming Dancing Jug Bournemouth Digital Presence a Comprhensive Approach 

Client Overview:

  • Client: Dancing Jug

  • Industry: Pub, Restaurant, Bar, Events

  • Location: Bournemouth Triangle and Charminster

  • Services Provided: Photography, Reel Creation, Paid Advertising, Website Design, Poster and Flyer Design, Social Media End-to-End Management

Key Metrics:

  • Increase in website traffic: 800%

  • Growth in social media followers: 250%

  • Engagement: 1700%

  • Reach: 700%

  • Revenue increase: 13%

  • Weekly sold-out brunch events

  • Successful launch of new site & social media pages

  • Successful launch of sister website for new site

Client's Background

If you’re looking for mouth-watering food, tasty cocktails, and a fun place to chill or party, then you have come to the right place! With two sites located at the top of The Triangle in the heart of Bournemouth and another in Charminster, Dancing Jug offers a friendly atmosphere with quality being the top priority.

At The Triangle, take advantage of our covered, heated secret garden, located at the back of our venue. Come rain or shine, it’s the perfect place to grab some tasty food and enjoy some drinks!

Both sites have recently undergone extensive refurbishments, including a blush new interior, fresh bright paintwork, LED & neon lights, and comfy high and low-level seating throughout. Every day of the week, there is an array of different entertainment to suit all tastes!


  • Market competition: Bournemouth's bar, events, and club scene is very competitive.

  • Brand awareness issues: Inconsistent branding and imagery. Social media was very poor with no clear strategy, just posting for the sake of it.

  • Low conversion rates: Bottomless brunch sales were low.

  • Poor online presence: Website and branding needed updating, and social media was inconsistent.

  • Specific problems related to marketing efforts: Previous issues with their marketing agency not delivering.


Project Summary:


To amplify brand awareness, boost ticket sales, generate leads, and optimise cost per acquisition.


  • Create a consistent brand and tone of voice.

  • Update socials to reflect the brand.

  • Introducing video content.

  • Launch a new site with new social media pages and websites.

  • Sell out bottomless brunch events.

  • Increase brand awareness and showcase food offerings.


To address Dancing Jug’s challenges and meet their goals, we developed a multi-faceted strategy including

Research and Analysis:

Conducted a detailed analysis of competitor strategies, scrutinised past campaign data, and leveraged social media insights to identify key audience demographics.


Developed a holistic social media strategy encompassing content creation, social media management, organic reach initiatives, and a targeted paid ad campaign.



  • Digital Marketing:

    • Paid ad campaigns

    • Google Business optimisation

    • Social media campaigns

    • Website updates

    • Content marketing

  • Tools and Platforms Used:

    • Instagram and Facebook

  • Unique Approaches:

    • Created engaging reel content to boost social media engagement

    • Implemented influencer partnerships to reach a wider audience

    • Designed visually cohesive branding materials for online and offline use

  • Key Tactics:

    • Top of the Funnel: Brand awareness through social media campaigns and Google Ads

    • Middle of the Funnel: Engagement through consistent content posting and interactive social media activities

    • Bottom of the Funnel: Conversion optimisation with targeted paid ads and special offers


  • Initial Analysis and Research:

    • Conducted a comprehensive market analysis to understand competition and target audience.

    • Audited existing social media and website performance.

  • Campaign Planning and Design:

    • Developed a cohesive content calendar.

    • Designed engaging ad creatives and social media posts.

    • Planned the launch event for the new site.

  • Execution of Marketing Activities:

    • Launched paid ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook.

    • Created and posted regular content, including photos and reels.

    • Updated the website with a new design and SEO-friendly content.

  • Monitoring and Adjustments:

    • Continuously monitored campaign performance using analytics tools.

    • Made real-time adjustments to ad spend and targeting based on performance data.

    • Engaged with followers and responded to feedback promptly.

Campaign Launch:

Commenced with a multifaceted content strategy including festival highlights, showcasing artists, emphasising unique selling propositions, and evoking the ambiance of previous festivals. Complemented with a paid ad campaign tailored to drive direct sales.

social used kemp case_3x.png

Monitoring and Adjustment:

Conducted weekly assessments of engagement metrics, facilitating agile adjustments in ad targeting and optimal content posting schedules.


Quantitative Results:

  • Successful new site launch in Charminster, exceeding revenue forecasts by 3x.

  • Consistently sold out bottomless brunches.

  • Increased weekday and weekend traffic beyond usual levels.

  • Achieved a low CPC and a high return on investment for paid ads.

Qualitative Results:

  • Positive feedback from customers about the new branding and atmosphere.

  • Enhanced brand perception and customer engagement.


Testimonial :

"Working with Big Influence Media has been a game-changer for Dancing Jug. Their creative approach and dedication to our brand have led to incredible growth in both our online presence and in-house footfall. We couldn't be happier with the results!" - Dancing Jug Bournemouth


The Dancing Jug faced significant challenges with market competition, inconsistent branding, and low conversion rates. By implementing a strategic marketing plan, Big Influence Media helped transform their online presence and significantly boosted their revenue and customer engagement. The successful launch of their new site and consistently sold-out events highlight the effectiveness of our collaborative efforts. 

See below for more detailed challenges and solutions we overcome.

Challenges and Solutions:

Detailed Solutions

Challenge 1: Market Competition

  • Solution: We conducted a comprehensive competitive analysis to identify key differentiators for Dancing Jug. Our strategy included emphasising unique features such as the heated secret garden, the bottomless brunch offering, menu, food offers, happy hours and diverse entertainment options. We developed targeted paid ad campaigns on social media and updated Google Business to highlight these unique selling points. Additionally, we engaged local influencers to increase brand visibility and reach.

Challenge 2: Brand Awareness Issues

  • Solution: To create a consistent brand image, we redesigned Dancing Jug’s brand guidelines, website, and social media profiles to reflect a cohesive and modern aesthetic. We implemented a comprehensive social media strategy, including a content calendar to ensure regular, high-quality posts. Our team produced professional photography and video content, including reels, to showcase the venue’s atmosphere and offerings.

Challenge 3: Low Conversion Rates

  • Solution: We focused on enhancing the user experience on Dancing Jug’s website by updating it with a mobile-friendly design and clear calls-to-action (CTAs). Our paid advertising campaigns were optimised for conversions, with targeted offers such as discounted bottomless brunches. We also implemented retargeting strategies to re-engage visitors who had previously shown interest but had not converted.

Challenge 4: Poor Online Presence

  • Solution: We revamped the website with SEO-friendly content to improve search engine rankings. Our social media strategy included consistent posting, engaging with followers, and leveraging hashtags to increase visibility. We also created and managed Google My Business listings for both locations, ensuring accurate information and encouraging customer reviews.

Challenge 5: Specific Marketing Problems

  • Solution: We addressed the previous agency's shortcomings by providing transparent reporting and regular updates to the client. Our team used advanced analytics tools to track the performance of all marketing activities, making data-driven decisions to optimise campaigns continuously.


Learnings and Adjustments:

Adaptability - We listen, we explore, we create, we engage - WE REFINE

Throughout the project, we learned the importance of being flexible and responsive to the client's needs. Here are some key learnings and adjustments we made:

  • Initial Campaign Adjustments: After launching the initial ad campaigns, we noticed that engagement was higher for posts featuring user-generated content and behind-the-scenes videos. We adjusted our content strategy to include more of these elements, which led to increased follower interaction and engagement.

  • Social Media Engagement: Early feedback indicated that followers responded well to interactive content such as polls and Q&A sessions. We incorporated more interactive posts into the social media calendar, boosting engagement and fostering a stronger online community.

  • Event Promotion: We learned that promoting events with a sense of urgency, such as limited-time offers or exclusive previews, significantly increased attendance rates. We applied this strategy to future event promotions, resulting in consistently sold-out brunches and events.

  • Website Optimisation: After analysing user behaviour on the updated website, we made further adjustments to the site’s navigation and CTAs to improve user experience and conversion rates. We implemented A/B testing to determine the most effective designs and messaging.

  • Feedback Loop: Regular feedback sessions with the client helped us stay aligned with their goals and preferences. We used this feedback to fine-tune our strategies and ensure the client’s vision was accurately represented in all marketing efforts.

By embracing these learnings and making necessary adjustments, we demonstrated our agency’s commitment to delivering exceptional results and adapting to the evolving needs of Dancing Jug.

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