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Revitalising Clinic Revive: A Successful Brand Transformation Story



Clinic Revive, an aesthetics clinic in Westbourne, Bournemouth, specialised in services like lip fillers and Botox. They catered to a luxury clientele but felt their brand didn't match their customers' expectations due to its outdated design from their early days. They aimed to revamp their brand to better connect with their higher-end clients.




The goal was to create a new brand image giving them a fresh new look that appealed to Clinic Revive's target market.

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The strategy involved closely collaborating with Clinic Revive. Making sure they brand suited their tase and vision. They were asked about brands they admired and the style they wanted for their own brand. Through continuous feedback and communication, the design process ensured that every element reflected the desired look.




The updated design was a hit, Khianna from Clinic Revive, loved it. The rebranding effort included not just a new logo but also brand guidlines, brand identity pull-up banners, designed price lists, and professional business cards. This new brand identity resonated well with the clinic's clients, strengthening their connection and building brand trust.




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