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Case Study Expansion: Elevating View Surveillance & Investigations (VSI) in the Digital Realm



View Surveillance & Investigations (VSI) stands as a strong player in the private investigation and surveillance industry. Founded with a mission to provide unparalleled investigative services, the company sets itself apart through its commitment to customer satisfaction and accessibility. Leveraging the founder's military background, VSI operates within legal frameworks, deploying cutting-edge technology to solve cases and offer peace of mind to a diverse clientele.



VSI embarked on its journey with a unique challenge – a startup without an established brand, digital presence, website, or marketing strategy. Despite already having a client base, the company sought to grow and establish a strong digital front to attract new clients. The task at hand was not only to create a brand that suited its current clients but also to navigate the legal intricacies surrounding the private investigation industry.

Client's Objectives

The primary objectives were crystal clear - to develop a distinctive brand, design a captivating logo, establish an online presence through a website, and navigate the legalities associated with crafting content for the digital platforms. The founder's military background and commitment to professionalism served as guiding principles throughout this process.




The first step involved creating a cohesive brand identity, including a logo, brand guidelines, color schemes, and typography. With a focus on user experience, the team then built a website that adhered to SEO best practices and facilitated seamless client bookings. In addition to web development, the team undertook social media management and implemented an SEO strategy, ensuring visibility in relevant online spaces. In-depth research was conducted to guarantee compliance with legal requirements in the private investigation industry.



​The visual identity and brand guidelines were crafted to align seamlessly with VSI's ethos, presenting a professional yet approachable image. The website design was not only aesthetically pleasing but also optimised for SEO, ensuring it ranked well in search engine results. The content was concise, emphasising the company's core offerings and encouraging swift client actions. We also designed and developed business cards for direct marketing and networking.




The outcomes spoke volumes - a beautifully designed brand and an efficient website that translated into conversions. The implementation of SEO best practices significantly increased online visibility, attracting new clients to the business. The success was not merely in aesthetics but in the tangible growth and enhanced credibility that VSI experienced.


Key Takeaways 


Collaborating closely with the founder and director proved time-intensive but indispensable in achieving a final product that resonated with the client's vision. The project underscored the importance of balancing aesthetic appeal with functionality and clarity in call-to-action elements.

Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 12.25.02.png
Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 12.25.06.png

Analysis of First Website


Our collaborative back-and-forths with client ensured the website mirrored our cleints dreams.


Results and Achievements


  • Delivered a visually captivating, mobile-friendly, and SEO-optimised website.

  • Created a site that not only informs but converts to customers.

  • A top-notch small business website design in Kent.

  • Empowered the client with easy-to-use features, saving her money on maintenance.


Lessons Learned and Recommendations


It's important to listen and collaborate with clients to make their vision a reality. Our expertise helps us offer practical recommendations that improve the business's appearance, making it easier for customers to find, understand and engage with. Collaborating closely with the founder and director proved time-intensive but indispensable in achieving a final product that resonated with the client's vision. The project underscored the importance of balancing aesthetic appeal with functionality and clarity in call-to-action elements.


Complete Client Confidentiality

Preserving the confidentiality of our clients, especially those with significant influence in the media, is a paramount aspect of our commitment at Big Influence Media. We understand that individuals operating in high-profile or media-centric roles often encounter sensitive situations that require discreet handling. Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of safeguarding the identity of clients who may be public figures, investigators, celebrities, or individuals with substantial influence. 


We employ rigorous confidentiality measures, including restricted access to client details secrecy in meetings, to ensure that the identity of our esteemed clients remains strictly private. 


We recognise the unique challenges that come with sensitive business, and our dedicated approach to client confidentiality is unwavering, providing a secure environment for those who require our discreet investigative services in the public eye.


Big Influence Media exceeded our expectations. The brand and website not only look fantastic but have directly contributed to our business growth. Very easy to work with, no BS. They worked with us to give us exactly what we wanted and needed

Hidden Identity | VSI | Director & Founder



In summary, the project's success lies not just in the creation of a visually appealing brand and website but in the tangible business growth experienced by VSI. The collaboration with the founder and adherence to legal standards reinforced the company's commitment to excellence in every aspect.

If you're facing similar challenges or seeking to enhance your digital presence, contact us today. Let's discuss how we can elevate your brand and bring success to your business.

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