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Boosting Poole Harbour Festival's Success through Targeted Social Media Campaigns

Client Overview:

  • Client Name: Poole Harbour Festival

  • Industry: Events, Festival

  • Location: Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset

  • Service Provided: Social Media Management, Paid Ads

Client's Background, Objective and Initial Challenge

Poole and Bournemouth's premier family and live music festival, showcasing over 50 live acts across FOUR stages. Headliners include Lightning Seeds and The Hoosiers, alongside an impressive lineup featuring The Lottery Winners, The Cheeky Girls, Space, Jaguar Skills, and more.


Ben, the festival organiser, approached Big Influence Media seeking assistance in enhancing brand visibility and driving ticket sales. Dissatisfied with previous agencies' performance, Ben sought to overcome challenges in maximising their budget, increasing ticket sales, and achieving a sold-out event.


Project Summary:


To amplify brand awareness, boost ticket sales, generate leads, and optimise cost per acquisition.


High budget expenditure relative return on investment to ticket sales, struggling to achieve a sold-out event.


Research and Analysis:

Conducted a detailed analysis of competitor strategies, scrutinised past campaign data, and leveraged social media insights to identify key audience demographics.


Developed a holistic social media strategy encompassing content creation, social media management, organic reach initiatives, and a targeted paid ad campaign.



Collaborated closely with Ben to grasp the brand ethos and target audience, executing a comprehensive campaign aimed at building awareness, brand loyalty, and driving direct sales within the BCP region. Focused primarily on Instagram and Facebook platforms.

  • Stage 1: Comprehensive research, competitive analysis, audience segmentation, and campaign strategy development.

  • Stage 2: Creating and curating compelling campaign content and initiating preliminary ad launches.

  • Stage 3: Full-scale deployment of the campaign with real-time monitoring and meticulous engagement analysis.

  • Stage 4: Celebrating success at the festival for the weekend


Campaign Launch:

Commenced with a multifaceted content strategy including festival highlights, showcasing artists, emphasising unique selling propositions, and evoking the ambiance of previous festivals. Complemented with a paid ad campaign tailored to drive direct sales.

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Campaign time: 

4 months

Monitoring and Adjustment:

Conducted weekly assessments of engagement metrics, facilitating agile adjustments in ad targeting and optimal content posting schedules.


Quantitative Results:

  • Traffic Increase: Website traffic surged by 135%.

  • Sales Growth: Online ticket sales soared by 35% year-on-year, surpassing projected targets by 15%.

  • Engagement Metrics: Instagram engagement skyrocketed by 400%, while Facebook page likes surged by 20%.

  • ROAS: Achieved an impressive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 1600%.

Qualitative Results:

Client feedback underscored heightened brand awareness, increased ticket sales, and elevated engagement rates across social media platforms. The campaign created a strong community connection, sparking conversations among the target audience and driving footfall to the event. Poole Harbour Festival witnessed a record-breaking attendance of over 11,000 attendees, marking its highest turnout to date.



The campaign's success exceeded client expectations, effectively meeting objectives and bolstering Poole Harbour Festival's prominence in the region.

Future Recommendations:

Continued success could be ensured through ongoing engagement strategies, leveraging user-generated content, and exploring innovative approaches to sustain brand momentum and drive ticket sales for future events.

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