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Is this the end for Snapchat? CEO announces complete redesign, as Instagram continues to leave them

Snapchat has just recently (yesterday) announced that it will be doing a complete redesign of its application, as Instagram continues to leave it behind. The redesign, shown below, is simple enough but is this proof that competition from Instagram has become to much for them.

Snapchat has a problem: It's too confusing for many people to use. Ever since Instagram launched its stories feature last August 2016, a blatant copy of Snapchat’s most popular feature, it has only grown in strength and in strength. Now it seems to have left Snapchat behind.

Not only due to its massive 250 million active daily users of Instagram and 800 Million accounts, (which bearing in mind that’s over quadruple Snapchat’s actual Database 167 million), but the fact the Snapchat, an initially innovative company, is failing to do what set itself apart and made it what it is today. The sheer numbers of course help and show the power Instagram has, but also the teams behind advancing its features have done an amazing job and I just don’t think the Snapchat can catch up or even imitate what Instagram has now done. Adapt or Die.

Instagram was already extremely popular application, with it’s simple but effective image sharing and photo album style profile; not only this but also being able to follow your favourite celebs, one of the main feature that also made Twitter a huge success. Instagram seems to be imitating, adapting and improving far faster, far better than its competitors. Now, with its daily stories, Instagram seems unstoppable; it is seeing the year-on-year growth that only Facebook has to succeed and experienced.


They have not only monetised the story feature better than Snapchat has been able to do, making the feature one if it’s highest income revenue sources but also expanded the stories feature in ways Snapchat, quite frankly, cannot. The location-based story, Hashtag Based story and being able to view anyone’s story, not just friends and adds, feature’s like this are pushing it further and further to ending Snapchat.

You can now click on a location and see all the stories which have been tagged in that location, as well as a map and of course images. Hashtag Stories are yes now a thing, just again click a hashtag and bang all the stories which will have the hashtag are present. See below #Travel all the images and at the top the stories.


Instagram not only have these extra feature’s but also much better analytics for small business use, recently they have made these a lot more in depth, to determine age, gender, location, profile views, amongst others, see below, which is just a small selection of the analytical tools that can be utilised. Not to mention the paid advertising that is extremely simple to use, just like its parent Facebooks, which is making it easier and easier for Instagram to Monetise as much as possible and profits to grow and grow and grow.

I personally use to use Snapchat a lot, more than regularly and now I hardly ever, if I ever. I can do everything, and more that Snapchat offers, in Instagram, even the design of Instagram is better, it’s sleeker; with Snapchat feeling quite outdated, cluttered, tacky and hard to use. It was very innovative first of all and this is what made it so popular, it continued to be innovative with its augmented reality, a world first, but all of this seems to be worth nothing now that Instagram has copied its most innovative features, improved them and left it behind without a care in the world. But you know how the saying goes you either adapt or you die.

Who knows what the future will be for Snapchat, with more and more investors moving away from the platform, will this redesign rejuvenate the dying app or will it push it further away from seeing a profit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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