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Facebook continues to explore ways to keep you hooked. More time on Facebook, means more money from

Facebook recently made announcements about its latest addition to its popular Live Video feature. With Facebooks ever-growing list of applications and features, with its eye set on taking over the world and to 'bring the world closer together', it's no surprise that they have added this feature.

You can now invite friends to a live stream and split the screen, this means that you could be live from your home in the UK and split the screen with your friend in Rome. Why is this important?

Facebook is constantly researching and exploring new ways to keep you connected, the average user is already on Facebook for roughly 50 minutes per day. They will continue to add features like this as other ways to try and keep us locked in, even for an extra minute, more time per user per day on Facebook means more money from ads in its already very lucrative ad system.

To find new ways to keep people hooked they only need to look at devices that have kept us hooked for 70+ years and that is the television. Facebook continues to imitate and modernise TV media, first Facebook live was an adaption of Live TV, making them able to portray news in real time, this latest feature will compliment this and imitate the way news channels and other sources already currently split screen when reporting. Thus positioning them even further as the first source for news and media.

They have perfected their ads system and continue to do so, Googles is no longer in comparison and with its analytics getting better and better you can start to see a clear return on investment. Anyone can set up an ad, as long as you have Facebook page, their payment and set up is all very easy to use. This being said a lot of people and businesses alike are jumping on this feature and not using it to its full extent.

People are wasting money on ads that increase page likes, cost per like is extortionate and this is one of the ways in which Facebook profits and worth is continuing to grow year on year, with nearly 2 billion users at present it is no surprise. Find out how we can help you target your market more effectively through the use of Facebook.

What will be next to maybe Facebook Series or film? Who knows what tricks they have up their sleeves.

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