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The most trusted form of advertising in the UK is personal recommendation - Find out how you can get

You start from the bottom and get it embedded in cultural aspects, memory and recognition.

For a brand to truly be successful you need the masses to spread the message for you. You need to infiltrate groups and the influences within them groups These are the people that spread messages and that people listen to. You need them signing praise about your brand, product or service.

First, in many cases, it starts with the experience, the experience that the consumer will receive is dependant on how they will respond to this by telling co-workers, friends and family about their experience with you. If you are giving a good service from the start, making this experience personal to the consumer and triggering genuine emotion, then the rest will fall in to place on its own.

Try to think about the last time you recommended a business, product or service to a peer, what was it that made you recommend and freely advertise for them? How can you implement this into your process?

Schools, university and workplaces this is where most conversations, discussions and debates happen, how can you get to the heart of each of these?

Word-of-mouth is very powerful it can make a brand and it can most certainly break a brand. To be truly successful you need to do something that will not only make you stand out but also be remembered and spoken about. The most ridiculous & crazy ideas are usually the ones in which we remembered, the ones in which we speak about are usually ones with great experience and the ones we share with friends and keep close to ourselves are ones that evoke genuine emotion. Think about these 3 principles and how you can implement them int your marketing strategies. What will make you stand out? What will make you remembered? What can you do to evoke emotion? What can you do that will be shared?

Storytelling marketing is a great way to showcase your brand in the way in which you would like, if done properly it can have outstanding benefits for your image and brand. We live in a time of social media and everyone has their own unique voice and audience of potential billions, how can you infiltrate this in a positive way?

Your brand is what people say when you are not in the room, the same goes for businesses. How do you want to be portrayed and how are you portrayed, that is the BIG QUESTION. Think differently. Think big. Find out how our processes can help fuel conversations around your brand.

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