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5 Ways to grow your Instagram account

5 Ways to grow your Instagram account

1. Quality Content.

The saying goes content is king and if you are ever going to get real growth you need to be posting quality content. There is a lot of confusion in the industry at the moment that you need to be posting all the time, this is wrong, quality over quantity all day long. A major factor on whether your accounts are going to grow will be this, you need to be producing and sharing quality content for your profile to first of all attract and second retain interest. Learn how to create persuasive content. Sign up to receive free updates.

2. Consistency.

If you are ever going experience effective growth you need to be in it for the long haul. Accounts do not grow over night and you need to keep you profile consistent, you need to keep you content consistent, your post regular and also the type of content you are sharing. If you want to grow and establish a true fan base you need to keep it consistent.

3. Hashtag and Location.

There is nothing worse than seeing a post with hashtags that are un-relatable to the picture. Especially #LikefofLike or #FollowforFollow. Although these hashtags may bring some quick wins in terms of likes on a photo, it brings nothing to your end game which is having an engaging following base. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags on any one image, if you do the right hashtags this will attract your market to your profile. Location is another one, the correct location will bring in followings a likes.

4. Stories and live.

A fairly new one to the list, live video and stories have blown up. Ever since Snapchat first introduced stories on Snapchat, they have proved to be very popular, now Instagram, with 600million followers implementing them they have exploded even more with now 200 million people using stories daily. This is an excellent way for your profile to be noticed as the stories show first at top and can bring more eyes to your profile and even just give some brand awareness.

5. Be engaging.

People love people, especially friendly people. If you interact with your following regularly this can add some personality to your profile and increase loyalty to your page. The less you are like a social robot the better, interact as much as possible. Like comments, reply to messages, like your followers posts.

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