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A-List Student Discount Card - Case Study.

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We were tasked by A-List Card student, Dorset’s biggest & best student discount card, to assist them in their social media marketing. At first glance their social media was not being fully utilized and was not performing to its full potential.  


A-List explained that the previous agency didn’t fully understand what they were looking to achieve and hadn’t really been utilizing their social media in the way they would have liked. They were simply posting content for the sake of posting content, none of it was relevant and none of it matched the brand image and what they stood for. Their social media was literally full of irrelevant posts that would be put there purely for engagement. E.g. a funny dog film… Who doesn’t like dogs right? But there was no strategy behind the posts. 


We first did an analytical and competitive analysis into A-List's current social media activities to get a broader image of their current social media and their competitors. Once we had met with A-List we discovered what the brand was truly about, what they represented and most importantly what they were looking to achieve in terms of their business’s objectives and goals. This is when we first saw how we could fit in, how we could assist them in their digital marketing and most importantly how we could add value.   


From here we devised a strategy: 


1.   Making their Social Media Relevant. 

2.   Educating their Market about what they exactly do. 

3.   Drawing traffic to their website to increase sales. 

4.   Building awareness of the brand. 

5.   Overall Social Media Management. 


We came up with a content driven program, that is clear, consistent and branded. We are masters in creating original, eye catching and engaging content. We decided to utilize this to educate their market by using creative content but also a campaign to drive sales.  As always, with any of our clients, we make sure we have a complete understanding of the business/brand as a whole, how they want to be viewed, their values, what they do and their objectives.  


We know a thing or two about Social Media, it is what we do. Day in day out we are creating quality and engaging content to portray brands in the correct way. In Bournemouth alone, all of our Social Media clients have come from referrals and are still with us now. Find out how we can help you: 


The content plan created had to: 

1.     Make sure that original, relevant and engaging posts were being created regularly. 

2.     That at all peak times were being hit. 

Due to this, times and content had to be clearly defined and a timetable organized.  

Next was of course creating the engaging content, THE FUN PART. This is the part that we enjoy most. We have teams of creative individuals ranging from fine artists, to graphic designers and marketers, one rule we stand by is thinking creatively and out of the box; A mouth-full we know! But something that is embedded in the roots of our company.  

A-List card are a student discount card. They work with over 100 different companies, mainly clubs and restaurants, as well as the university varsity teams. Their Target Market is primarily Students in Bournemouth and Dorset. Their social media previously showed little of what their service actually provided. E.g. information on discounts and deals. 

We decided to create engaging, easily readable pieces of original and branded content to educate their market about: 

1.     What discounts they offer and where. 

2.     Benefits of joining A-List card for future customers. 

As we know social media users have a lot of power at their fingertips and they can easily and quickly scroll past any post they choose to. We knew that whatever content we made not only had to be informative but also stand out so that it was not to be missed.  

We decided to create visually pleasing graphics that displayed clearly presented information. This was so that it would catch the eye of the user scrolling and encourage them to stop, look at and interact with the post. Even at a glance the user may notice something that sticks in their mind. 

See examples below... 

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 19.48.10.png

So, that was our task! 

We educated their market about what it is they do and are still doing it to this day, creating 3 pieces of branded, original and clear content to showcase their deals.  


We also go so far as to make sure what we create is posted with engaging write ups that are linked back to the website in order to drive traffic. Making sure relevant locations, places and Hashtags are included, thus to boost reach.  


A few examples are below. 

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